About Us

meon is software development company that is focusing on e-commerce, web applications, data processing, managing and hosting of Linux servers and open source solutions suitable for business clients.

While software is the main focus, we are able to deliver full range of IT services - application development, server hosting, network troubleshooting and maintenance.

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Our Mission

  • IT support of your goals

    Our mission is to fully understand your goals and needs so that we can build IT system that fully supports them.

    Each business as each person is unique and deserves unique approach.

  • digital creativity

    By creative attitude we strive to bring best to the digital world. Making computers do what what they are good at - repetitive, exactly defined tasks - while leaving space and time to humans for tasks that no computer will ever be able to do.

  • open systems

    System is a good slave, but bad master. Not only by open sourcing our software, but mostly by designing software in an open and flexible way, you'll be able to use its full potential without unnecessary limitations.



Jozef's in-depth knowledge of programming (especially Perl), networking and Linux (especially Debian) administration is extraordinary. Simply said, he is an expert. What is more, he is a very nice person. I was lucky to meet him in mms; his good mood, willingness and expertise helped me many times.

Miroslav Týnovský